Graviex Exchange Fraud

9 min readAug 24, 2021

I didn’t want to put any time and energy into this, but here we go.

Images from old Discord group with Graviex exchange developers (this is where we communicated with their developers):

Nobody responded for months in the old group, so I emailed to see what’s going on

No response, emailed again

Received a brief response

Emailed them again

Received a brief response again

followed up

No response, emailed them again

Another brief response

Followed up

Brief response once again

Followed up

Another brief response

Followed up


Followed up

Actual response, with some info

I responded

Followed up a week later

Brief response

I followed up

Good news wallet is up right???

I respond

Followed up + let them know about diversified address update


Followed up

I followed up again

They respond

I respond and ask for Discord contact, because their responses are just 2 slow

They respond and give me Discord contact

I follow up

He accepts my friend request on Discord and we move it to Discord & and create a new group, see screenshots below:

I also send them an email the same day if they are in possession of the funds they claim to be, I received no response

They provide txid’s as proof of funds, seriously? This must be an out of season april fools joke…

I tell’em that txid’s are useless

Back to Discord, since they don’t respond through emails

Another response to a really old email

I respond

Back to Discord

I was instructed to ping them through email since Sergei is going on an apparent vacation

I ping them, no response

I keep pinging, no response

Still no response

No response

They reply to an old email again, with useless info

We tell them the dates for delisting since they’re more useless than a piece of gum on the street

I ping them again and tell them they’re robbing their users

I receive this messed up response

I reply

I reply again, no response

Ping them in Discord, no response


Will only post the ones from the past month

Excuse my language but all my responses are not PG friendly

I get nowhere as expected, more useless interactions with their support guys

I message again, no response

Another try

Another try from today

Then I get banned from their Telegram

tl;dr: Graviex is a scam exchange, there is no problem with the Pirate wallet, these are just made up lies as you can see from all of the conversations above. They do not have the funds they claim to have and are running a fractional reserve. Now that we have requested a delisting their system breaks, since they do not have all ARRR, hence why withdrawals keep failing. Their funds must have gotten lost when their servers corrupted in December of 2020 and have been running a fractional reserve ever since or have been hacked and are afraid to admit it. They have now implemented a ridiculous 20 ARRR withdrawal fee which is around $100 at current market prices. This is just ludicrous and unheard of.

Here is all the evidence you need and make up your own mind as to who is scamming who here. Pirate team is still ready to solve and help Graviex with these apparent “issues” they’re having with their wallet.

Will I able to withdraw is a question you’re probably asking yourself, I genuinely have no clue, it’s completely up to Graviex, Pirate team does have no affiliation with Graviex nor do we have access to their wallets. They have also indicated in their last response to me that they will not be replying to my inquires anymore (I’ve also been banned from their official Telegram), so my hands are tied here, I’ve exhausted all possible options I had.

What I did hear from the Pirate community is that you are able to withdraw max 40 ARRR at the time, but lose 20 ARRR out of that 40 to their stupid withdrawal fees. So a 50% loss…